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In Morocco and the Muslim world we see minarets all over. Five times a day these minarets call Muslims to prayer. The call to prayer from the minarets are a Call-to-Action. Likewise, webpages should have a Call-to-Action. These can be as simple as a fly-in prompting users to sign-up for a newsletter or a button that says “Book now!”

Why are Call-to-Actions important? The honest truth is that internet users and visitors to your website need direction. If all they see is pretty graphics and other lovely content, they don’t know what to do with it; you must tell them! In marketing, there is a funnel (as you can see below) we want to move visitors to your site from the top of the funnel (ToFu) to the bottom of the funnel (BoFu). Without a clear call to action this is nearly impossible. Your visitors will stay at ToFu indefinitely and never move on to considering your product or service and most definitely never spend their money.

The kind of Call-to-Action really depends on your business. If you are a travel agency then