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Password security is a must for anyone who owns a website. I am very scared and paranoid when it comes to the idea that someone can hack my accounts. This is true for email accounts, financial accounts, entertainment accounts, social media accounts; anything that requires a password. Since my business relies on passwords for things like servers, tools, Analytics and WordPress, I am even more worried that someone out there is trying to break in.

The accounts we use to build, manage and analyze websites are very complex pieces of software that can be taken advantage of by someone who is up to no good; especially if website security is not strong. That is why Talaa Digital takes extra steps to secure our accounts and websites to ensure that they are safe from attackers.

We are going to look at some very simple things you can do to protect yourself and secure your login information. We’ll discuss some security software that everyone who has a website should consider.

First off, I highly recommend a password manager to secure all account ‘keys’ (passwords). This is like keeping all your account ‘keys’ in a lock box and all you need is to have a ‘master key’ (master password). For us at Talaa Digital, it would be almost impossible to keep websites safe